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Master Wix Web Design

What's Covered:

Understanding The Wix Editor

Get a grasp on the Wix Editor, and all of the brilliant features that come with it. Create blogs, eCommerce stores, event pages, client bookings, restaurant menus, podcasts, and much more through the Wix Editor.  Understanding the full capability of the Wix Editor will allow you push the limits of what's possible with creative web design.

Strip Based Web Design

Strips within the Wix Editor allow you to easily create "sections" within a page when building a website. Learning how to create and place strips effectively throughout a page will help bring contrast to the overall aesthetic of your website, easily allowing you to create the exact "look and feel" your clients are looking for. 

Mobile Optimization

With more and more web browsing happening through mobile devices, having complete creative control over how your mobile pages look and behave is an important necessity that the Wix Mobile Editor provides. You'll learn how to easily provide mobile optimization for your clients' web pages, making the transition from desktop to mobile a seamless one.

Discover The Wix Dashboard

Whether it's built in marketing, Search Engine Optimization, or the Wix App Market, discover the many tools within the Wix Dashboard that allow you to enhance and improve your website in the backend. Understanding the many business solutions offered within the Wix Dashboard will allow you to bring maximum value to your clients, while letting you create extra services for you to potentially up-sell. 

Course Outline:

Start earning with Wix today! Get started here.


Understanding The Wix Editor

Header & Footer

Strips, Boxes, Repeaters, and more. 

Adding Elements To Our Site

Extra Elements

Part 1:

Wix Design Basics

Wix Stores

Wix Blog

Wix Bookings

Members Area

Part 2:

Wix Solutions

Cleaning Up Our Site

Mobile Editor

Website Review

Wix Dashboard Overview

Part 3: 

Finishing Your Site

Wix Partner Program

Wix Marketplace

How To Apply

Part 4: 

Start Earning With Wix

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