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Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency.
Learn how to operate a full-scale digital marketing agency and gain insight into managing projects, acquiring clients, and choosing the correct services to offer.

Master Wix Web Design

Grasp the full capability of the Wix Editor, the world's leading "code-free" website builder. We'll be taking a deep dive into all of the features and functionalities that allow you to build meaningful web experiences for any kind of client. 


Master Wix Web Design

Learn the fundamentals of what makes a great website, for both desktop and mobile platforms. Also learn to take advantage of the numerous brilliant business solutions offered by Wix to bring maximum value to your clients. 


Get Your First Client

Understand not only how to approach and sell to a client, but learn how to cater to clients from any industry. Offer the right services to the right clients to put yourself in the best position for attaining and growing your clientele.


Become A Wix Partner

Explore the Wix Partner Program, a  state-of-the-art lead generation platform for web design agencies. Once eligible, become a certified Wix designer and begin accepting customers from all around the world.

3 Steps To Kickstart Your Agency, Using Wix.

Discover what it takes to kickstart your digital marketing agency, and how to use Wix to your advantage. Learning the basics of offering a valuable service (web design), and knowing how to approach and sell to clients (sales) is what will help you use Wix to start your digital marketing agency. 

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What's Coming Soon:

Sales: Leveraging Your Services 

Learn how to offer & package the correct services for your agency, and leverage certain Wix features to maximize the value you're offering to clients.

Wix Marketplace: Sales Tactics To Put You Ahead

If you are in the Wix Marketplace, you'll be competing with other partners to sign clients. We'll be covering how to professionally approach clients and set up your workflow, helping you improve the communication you have with your leads and maximizing productivity.

Search Engine Optimization

Go in depth with us as we use Wix and other tools to make a client's website Search Engine Optimized. You'll be introduced to all the tools that not only help you set up your Search Engine Optimization, but also help you improve it significantly over time.

Facebook Advertising & Social Posts On Wix

Get an introduction into the basics of Facebook advertising and creating social posts on Wix for many social media platforms. This is a great start for those looking to offer social media advertising as a service in their agency.

Intro To Email Marketing On Wix

Email Marketing remains one of the best ways to directly advertise for any business today. The tools Wix offers allow you create beautiful email campaigns, maintain your email list, and much more.

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