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Create your own digital marketing agency and get insight into what services to offer, how to attain clients, what services to offer, and so much more.


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Stand out from your competition. Learn how to offer the most effective digital marketing services for your clients.


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Stand out from your competition. Learn how to offer the most effective digital marketing services for your clients.


World Class Support. 

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Connor Choi


Interning at his mother’s PR firm, Connor Choi started gaining experience in PR and consulting and did so for over 3 years. Also being mentored by Tai Lopez, Connor has the knowledge to build any brand, bring any product to market, and sell and kind of service. Joining Blackwader Media (then AkkusChoi Media) in 2017, Connor mainly deals with client acquisition, networking, and marketing.

Orhan Akkus


Orhan Akkus has been in the digital marketing industry for over 5 years. Mentored by Tai Lopez, one of the most successful digital marketers in the world, he started acquiring clients and learning the ins and outs of digital marketing early on in high school. Building brands through social media and SEO he founded MarketingMind and with the help of Connor Choi built it into what it is today. Orhan is in charge of consulting, marketing, and finance. He oversees all web design operations. 

Website Automation

Whether it's programming automated functionalities like recovering abandoned shopping carts or sending automated email campaigns website automation is an essential tool to grow your online business and increase your engagement. Automating your website to work for you takes the workload off 

Web Design & SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In our eyes, every business needs a website that accurately represents their business in the most professional way possible. We take pride in creating a professional website for all of our customers, and make sure that your website is Search Engine Optimized, meaning that it shows up on searches related to your business online, in turn helping you grow your online presence. 

Web Analytics Setup & Tracking

Upon creating all the fundamental requirements for your website, social media accounts and campaigns, we will observe the analytics of the amount of engagements your business has online. In other words, we will track and keep into consideration things such as the trends, patterns, and total number of engagement your business has online. We will use this information to carefully plan a strategy for engaging your business that works well with your business's needs and requirements to grow your customer base.

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