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Case Study

How We Improved Website Traffic By Over 2,500% For Pathway Therapy Center

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From 30 clicks/month to 750 clicks/month on Google Search.

Pathway Therapy Center had a competitive amount of impressions on Google Search, but struggled to receive organic clicks and visitors to their site from Google Search. Through our procured SEO process, we were able to take Pathway Therapy from 30 clicks/month to 758 clicks/month.

Here is how we did it. 

Part 1:

Page Titles & Descriptions
Increasing click-through-rate

Before we started working on Pathway Therapy's SEO, most of the site pages had very weak page titles and often times had no page description.

This would lead the page to look un-competitive in search results. 

As part of our strategy to increase organic exposure on Google Search for Pathway Therapy, our team professionally rewrote all page titles & descriptions. 

Equipped with competitive page titles & descriptions, written with high-yield search terms (specific to the client's business & industry), Pathway Therapy was able to take their clicks count from 30 clicks/month to 750 clicks/month. 

Part 2:

Writing Keyword-Rich ALT Text On All Site Images
Increasing discoverability (impressions) on Google Search

ALT Text, or Alternative Text, is an image property that helps search engines understand the content of site images. If properly written, it can significantly increase the discoverability of a site in Google Search. 

Pathway Therapy's site images had irrelevant, incorrect, and mostly empty ALT Text properties across all site images. 

ALT: "logo.png"

ALT: "Logo image of Pathway Therapy Center, providing betrayal trauma and relationship counseling out of Walnut Creek, California".

ALT: "eric-image.png"

ALT: "Image of Eric Anderson, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Certified Sex Addition Therapist (CSAT), providing counseling services out of Walnut Creek, California".

ALT: "renee.png"

ALT: "Image of Renee Swanson, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT) M.A in. Clinical Psychology for Marriage & Family Therapy, providing counseling services out of Walnut Creek, California".

By writing keyword rich and accurate ALT text across all site images, we were able to ensure an increase in Pathway Therapy's organic exposure on Google Search along with an improvement in the quality of clicks/leads coming to the site.

Part 3:

Assigning Competitive Keywords
Improving accuracy on Google Search

By finding the highest volume search queries in Pathway Therapy's industry, and in the location where they do business, we were able to ensure that Pathway Therapy only appeared on the most competitive search queries and was receiving impressions from the highest quality leads on Google Search. 

By knowing which high-search-volume keywords to include on site pages, we were able to help Pathway show up for relevant and competitive search results. 

Part 4:

All Of The Intangibles

Many SEO improvements such as assessing & improving site speed, ensuring indexing of all site pages into Google Search Console, ​site inspection, site verification, , business profile listing, accurate sitemap, and more cannot be underestimated.

By handling the mentioned intangibles, our team was able to improve Pathway Therapy's SEO by ensuring the site appeared on search results accurately & proper indexing & crawling by Google Search.

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